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About Us


Born into a family of coffeeholics I became accustomed to a good cup of coffee to start the day early in my life. I have tasted coffee brewed in many different ways, but the French Press brew or a smooth shot of espresso are my favourite ways to seize the moment.

I vividly remember my first experience of enjoying espresso prepared on a hot sand bed in the ancient tower of one of the most beautiful European cities.

Growing up in a country where people had been blessed to experience the great taste of coffee dating back to the Austrian Empire, I had fallen in love with Coffee in my early teens and remain faithful.

The creation of The Coffee Bouquets was inevitable and was merely a matter of time. Being a Toronto resident for over decade now, I have searched the town for a great cup of coffee and must admit, there  are only a few coffee houses where you can enjoy a quality brew.

Being a husband and a father, I was looking to find the great tasting coffee you can enjoy at home with family and friends. The coffee that would complement the setting to share precious moments, have conversations and create memories.

Over time, I have noticed that once you have a good cup of coffee at least once, it is impossible to lower your quality expectations.

Thus, in pursuit of the perfect quality cup, the idea of The Coffee Bouquets creation was born.

In the beginning I looked around but couldn't find the car I dreamt of, so I decided to build it myself. - (Ferdinand Porsche)


With time, my expectations of the cup kept growing, and I began experimenting with making my own coffee blends until I got the cup that left no room for questions… I began sharing my little creations with my friends and colleagues in return for their feedback.

It did not take long until the “Inspiration” blend was created. This medium dark roast, well-balanced coffee quickly became a coffee of choice for many.

Then there were other blends created in response to demand – “Expression” for a darker roast, “Fantasy” for a milder brew, and a decaffeinated “Serenity” Mocha Java blend for the people who simply love the coffee for its taste but want to avoid caffeine.

I guess the most difficult one to create was Espresso Platinum.  I’m a firm believer that the morning coffee plays a huge role in setting the mood for the day.  Well… the bitter burnt aftertaste of most espressos out there is not exactly something that most people I know would associate with being in a good mood.

It took a while, but in pursuit of a “WOW factor”, Espresso Platinum was created – a silky smooth and rich cup. Then there was also the darker roast Espresso Classic… rich and syrupy with a very light hint of cardamom. The above two were created as a result of a road trip through Italy, including many tasting and conversations with baristas and Italian natives.

Overall, the creation of Signature Blends was a long process, with the formulas being changed and improved countless times. In the end, we are proud to present a unique and memorable coffee line, which is reflected in our name – The Coffee Bouquets.


The Coffee Bouquets uses only sustainably grown high quality Arabica beans. Our beans are roasted locally by a roaster with many years of experience in the coffee industry.

The Signature blends mentioned above are created using the post-roasting blending technique, which allows for a cascading taste in your cup. Hence the name of the company – The Coffee Bouquets – where “Coffee Bouquets” is actually a term used to describe the complex natural flavours in any given coffee.

We also offer Single Origin coffee selection, presenting some of the nicer coffees out there, such as Honduran Royal, Peruvian Mystique and Sumatra Mandheling SGH.


Tremendous effort was put into the design of the labels and the packaging.

It was not a coincidence that we chose the art of J. W. Turner for our Signature Blends packaging. The artwork on the package was chosen with the intent of representing the character of the coffee within.

We also took the time to print step-by-step brewing recommendations for the French Press and Espresso machines on our back labels. At the end of the day, though, it’s your coffee, so it’s up to you how you wish to brew and enjoy it!


Our beans are packaged using SwissPac technology with the latest innovations in food packaging, which provides freshness without “Nitrogen flushing” and prevents the coffee from absorbing any undesirable odours.

The packaging is 100% recyclable.

All of our coffee bags are equipped with a one-way CO2 degassing valve that allows for packaging  coffee immediately after roasting. Our 1/2 Lb. packages are equipped with a quality Ziplock system to preserve the freshness of the coffee once the bag has been opened.

Finally, we do not compromise on quality in any aspect of serving you the best coffee available.

We are working hard to make sure your mornings always feel complete with a great-tasting cup of coffee. The rest is really up to you…

The Coffee Bouquets... Let your taste buds create the memories!